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Property Management Software Solutions for Australian Real Estate

Innovative, reliable and easy to use Property Management solutions for Australian property agencies


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✔ Flexible solutions for an evolving market

✔ Get time back with time-saving efficiencies

✔ Put technology at the heart of your client engagement strategy

✔ One system, many apps with the Partner Connect ecosystem




Get time back with automation

Reduce time spent on daily tasks with automated communications, tasks, workflows and transactions including arrears.

Artificial Intelligence to drive insights

Deliver proactive services with the power of AI and machine learning. Use the real-time dashboards and reports to prioritise where to spend your time and effort.

Create personalised customer experiences

Leverage owner and tenant portals to provide owners and tenants transparency and personalised share the information they want.

Make smarter business decisions

Get essential data and insights from your dashboard to help make better business decisions. Generate revenue from new partnerships with Partner Connect.


“The level of automation Property Tree offers saves us a lot of time. Being able to automate reminders and follow-ups has been a godsend – and the fact that it’s all logged back against a client communications history is great.”

Greg Timms General Manager - Rhodes Realty

 For our office and the way we work, Rest Professional and File Smart are essential to our success. I can absolutely say that is why we are able to manage over 5000 properties today.

Jodi Ford Property Management Director - Coronis

Having Property Tree as a cloud-based system gave me and my staff time to go out and meet clients. We got to network and build those relationships that traditional property management companies don't do because they are behind their desk all the time.

Kristy Copping Director, Perth Property Management

The service to our clients has been improved with File Smart as it allows us to respond much more quickly. Filing and retrieving documents for clients can now be done with the click of a button, another click and it’s emailed to them.

Jenny Caughey Office Manager - Gary Peer


Save time with auto communication and set and forget notifications, alerts and reminders to owners and tenants.

Manage documents efficiently and paper free with a fully integrated electronic document management system 

Streamline property management tasks with workflows, auto receipting and auto invoicing 

Keep track of your agency and portfolio performance with dashboards of arrears, vacancies, inspections and more 

Enhance the owner and tenant experience with portals that improve transparency and empower communications 

Enrich your property management business with integration to products and services through our Partner Connect program 


Telephone: 1300 657 700

Fax: +61 2 9966 0911



Telephone: 1300 657 700

Fax: +61 2 9966 0911



6/29 Christie St, St Leonards, NSW 2065, Australia


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