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We’re in sync with your favourite apps and with trusted names in technology and outsourcing.



Beepo is an outsourcing provider helping Australian organisations streamline their processes and grow their business. We teamed up with Beepo in facilitating Rockend Property Assistants - outsourced staff trained in using Rest Professional and Property Tree to assist property managers with their various tasks.




HappyCo provides property managers with the essential tools they need to assist in residential inspections by automating, scheduling and performing routine tasks through their Happy Inspector app.


Inspection Express


Inspection Express creates professional and comprehensive inspection reports that clients love. Their paperless condition reports feature enables property managers to send condition reports and any corresponding pictures through email.


Inspection Manager


Inspection Manager integrates with Property Tree by connecting scheduled inspections and property data into the system. Inspection Manager automatically fills completed reports into Property Tree, helping property managers save time and effort.




MailChimp provides solutions to send newsletters and emails to your customers and prospects.
Property Tree and MailChimp will sync your contacts lists every night, so you are always up to date.




MovingHub offers a complete solution to home moving needs, allowing property managers to connect their clients’ utilities, and efficiently manage their home services after moving in.

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Property Inspection Manager


Property Inspection Manager's features make inspection reporting easier and help property managers save time and money. Designed for use on iPad and iPad Mini, Property Inspection Manager allows you to enter notes, take photos and easily create PDF & Word inspection documents.

REI Forms Live

REI Forms


REI Forms provides online agreements and forms designed to make everyday business easier for property managers. REI Forms are cloud-based, compatible on any device, and are kept up-to-date with the latest legislation changes.


Rentfind Inspector


Rentfind Inspector is a quick and user-friendly app for property inspection and report generation. Rentfind Inspector integrates with Property Tree to provide clear and transparent reports for tenants and owners.




Twilio creates seamless and intelligent communication between companies and their customers with their voice, SMS and video APIs. Learn more about SMS pricing on Property Tree.




Xero offers accounting solutions using the latest cloud-based technology for small to medium enterprises. Its tools help run every aspect of a business whether it be invoicing, payables, inventories, payroll, or bank transactions.


Rockend Partners


We partner with the trusted names in real estate, communications and technology to bring you the best solutions in property.



Ebix Trades Monitor

Ebix Trades Monitor is a contractor and tradesmen compliance document tracking company dedicated to the Strata Management and Owners Corporation Management industry in Australia.

Strata Master integrates seamlessly with the Trades Monitor system updating your creditors quickly and efficiently.


Best Practice 

Best Practice gives real estate professionals access to the latest information on industry trends and key performance metrics, helping them build viable long term businesses focused on customer success.


BDH Solutions


BDH Solutions is a management consulting company committed to delivering innovative solutions to business in Australia and New Zealand.


Bob Walters Team (BWT)


Throughout Australia and New Zealand BWT (Bob Walters Team) is widely recognised as a leader in property management training and consulting.

Team members are all experienced property management practitioners, who understand how to improve the performance and profitability of any business, large or small.


Chill IT 


Chill IT is a Rockend business partner and has experience hosting Rest Professional, File Smart and Strata Master in the cloud. They provide national support on a 24/7 basis, using remote and on-site technicians.

Whether you would like to host Rockend software locally or online, Chill IT can assist.


Direct Connect


Direct Connect offers a free, no obligation service designed to take the stress out of moving and save your tenant time on the phone. Arrange for the connection of your tenant’s electricity, gas, home phone, broadband, pay TV and much more in only seconds.

Rockend and Direct Connect have collaborated to provide you the easiest possible method for sending your tenants connection requests through Rest Professional.




Rockend has teamed up with leading edge communications provider Edgility to develop Rockend SMS, a seamless SMS/Text message service that allows Rest Professional and Clarke Rent Trust / Sales Trust users to prepare and send, from within the applications, individual or bulk messages to tenants, landlords, suppliers, tradespeople and their colleagues.




Commerce Australia develops and supports the widely used online sales management product MyDesktop. Rest Professional can transfer/integrate key Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data into the MyDesktop sales system to provide a single source of customer relationship data.




PriceFinder is an online property search application offering a range of tools to assist in generating timely information for all residential, commercial and rural properties.


Real Estate Dynamics


Real Estate Dynamics are the leaders in Property Management training, consulting and Rent Roll and Agency brokerage. They are renowned for innovative Agency on-line systems and procedural resources such as PM BOSS: Australia’s only live and up-to-the-minute resource library for Property Management that merges with your trust accounting software for quick and easy access to over 500 letter templates, checklists, forms and fact sheets.



With 2 clicks, all your vacant properties, including photos, descriptions and details, are uploaded from Rest Professional to  When you make a change, the advertisement is changed online. When a deposit is taken, the property is automatically removed. Its that easy!


Tenancy Practice Service (TPS) - NZ


Tenancy Practice Service provides New Zealand property managers and property investors with a range of products such as legal documentation and manuals as well as consulting, training and insurance to help offer increased protection against the risks of property management and investment.




YesBookit was designed specifically to meet the needs of Real Estate Holiday Letting Agents and Property Managers. YesBookit will streamline booking processes by reducing emails and phone calls. YesBookit is grounded in providing the property management function with operational efficiencies and financial savings while, at the same time, providing a responsive and user friendly platform for the public, owners and guests alike.

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