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Strata Master Features

Make light work of a complex business with Strata Master. Our industry-leading strata management solution automates everyday tasks, simplifies compliance and lets you deliver stand-out customer service. Could your business be more professional and profitable with Strata Master?


Go Mobile with Strata Master

Working on the run is now simple with Strata Mobile. The mobile app gives you access to your Strata Master database to retrieve property, owner, executive and creditor details, all straight from your device! 

Meeting Master Application

This new mobile app allows you to sync the entire meeting agenda from Strata Master to a Windows 8 tablet or iPad. Take attendance, automatically calculate the quorum either by person or entitlement and do much more!

Manage owner and committees through online portals

Provide your owners & executive committees access to live reports that are relevant to them, such as financial records, work orders and quotes, owner and building information. The portals are customisable to match the look and feel of your website.


All screenshot images used on this web page are for illustrative purposes. The features, colour scheme, and functionality shown in the screenshot images are for illustration purposes only for the Strata Master desktop software. The images displayed by the Strata Master desktop software will differ when downloaded and installed on a server.


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Pre-meeting Electronic Voting

Increase owner meeting participation by allowing owners to vote from their PC or mobile phone before the start of any meeting.


Wizards to simplify daily tasks

Bank Reconciliation Wizard, Bank Statement Filing Wizard, Compliance Wizard, Meeting Wizard, Levy Wizard, Communication Wizard & more 


Advanced reporting

Over 70 reports templates to ensure accurate and timely reporting to their clients. Any of these reports can be emailed directly or saved in PDF, Word or Excel format.


File Smart Workflow Assist

Automate invoice collection and processing through File Smart.

File Smart Creditor Invoice Dissections

Process an invoice with more than one expense account - directly from File Smart.


Agile automation

Issue levy notices directly, create customised reports to track finances easily, make light work of agenda, meeting and change of ownership tasks.

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