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Real estate database management software at your fingertips

A significant consideration in the field of real estate management is the creation and maintenance of a database. Owners, tenants and creditor information, as well as all transactions, must be properly recorded and easily accessible in the running of day-to-day business. Conventionally, agencies have relied on on-site server-hosted real estate database management software. While this was a significant improvement over manual databases and a good option when alternatives were not available, on-site databases are now outdated and lack the features and capabilities of cloud-based real estate database software.


Property Tree is the cloud-based real estate database management software packed with features designed to easily record and retrieve information whenever you need to, improving your productivity and providing you with a great tool to deliver excellent service to your customers. 


To better understand how an industry-leading cloud-based real estate database management software like Property Tree can revolutionise your agency, book a free demo today.

Cloud-Based Data Management

Property managers, agents, owners and even tenants can access Property Tree from wherever they may be using any computer or smart device. No additional hardware or complex VPN is required.

As an additional service to provide you with accessible information, we developed Property Tree Mobile Contacts App which allows Property Managers fast, secure, real-time access to their contacts while out of the office. Including the ability to search via Property Address, linking to Maps and view the identity of incoming calls and identify if the caller is an Owner, Tenant or Creditor. 

Increase Your Efficiency and Profitability

In the incredibly competitive Australian real estate market, you need to focus on the acquisition and management of the most profitable properties rather than worrying about an inflexible, slow and non-efficient database. With Property Tree, you can do just that. One of the most highly-automated real estate database software solutions available, an incredible number of data recording, notification, communication and accounting processes are fully or partially automated.

Scales with you

A major drawback of on-site databases is their lack of scalability. Their storage space is finite, and their design extremely rigid. As your portfolio increases and changes in property type, it is a complex and expensive process to purchase more storage and modify the database to properly store and manage new types of information.

With Property Tree's cloud-based platform, you are freed from such restrictions.  Whether you manage one property or thousands, Property Tree has enough storage and flexibility to store, manage and easily access the large volume and variety of information involved.

Transform your business with Property Tree

Enterprise-level security

Be confident in knowing that your business data and customer information are kept safe and secure with Rockend's enterprise-level security.

On-site databases suffer from data health issues. In the event of a catastrophic failure or data corruption, there is potential for massive, irrecoverable data loss. Not only is this a huge blow for your operation and its ability to operate, but it can also put you in a terrible position with your clients and partners – possibly an actionable one.   Property Tree harnesses the power of the cloud to address these problems so you can focus more of your time and resources to grow your business.

Easy migration

One of the major concerns when upgrading from an outdated on-site database system is the difficulty in migrating your existing information to the new system. Property Tree has been designed to make this process painless and surprisingly fast, with specific attention made to creating seamless transitions from popular platforms like Microsoft Access.

As Property Tree’s developers, we at Rockend are also happy to provide our award-winning onboarding and support team to assist in the process. With over 40 years of experience providing reliable real estate software solutions, we can make your transition to the next generation of property manager and real estate agent database software a simple and seamless one.

What sets us apart in property software 

Our features

40 years red

40 Years Experience

Property Tree is powered by Rockend, the leading provider of rental property software in Australia and New Zealand with over 40 years of experience developing the region's most trusted real estate management solutions.

microsoft certified partner

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Our longstanding dedication to security is part of what makes Rockend the leader in Australia's rental software. We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, helping protect you and your owners' and tenant's sensitive data with industry-leading data protocols and enterprise-level security.

award winning support

Award winning support

Enjoy unparalleled customer service with our support team - winner of the Contact Center of the Year Award at the 2018 International Service Awards.   We're a Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) Certified Organisation,  committed to giving our customers world-class experiences. 

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