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Cloud-based Property Portal

Property portals have long been an extremely useful tool in the real estate industry. A private entryway into a real estate rental or sales database, they provide restricted access to rental and sales databases and listings. There are a number of reasons why this may be desired. The listings and information may be for properties that are not yet available, have not been completed or are under construction, or have been earmarked to remain unlisted, exclusively available only to premium buyers and renters.  


While the privacy afforded by such portals has been extremely useful to agents and property managers in these and other situations, there are also a number of shortcomings that exist with conventional property portals.  Cloud-based real estate management software like Property Tree has demonstrated that it is possible to have the security of a property portal while maintaining the flexibility and around the clock accessibility that conventional portals lack.  Moreover, cloud-based property portal also makes possible client portals that owners and tenants can access to view relevant information and communicate with property managers in a secure environment.


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Property Tree's Cloud-Based Property Portal

 Just like a conventional property portal, Property Tree allows only select employees and partners access, creating a private area where sensitive documents and notices, as well as exclusive and pending listings, can be viewed. However, being based in the cloud allows Property Tree to make the property portal more flexible and customisable than ever before.

As cloud-based software, Property Tree ensures your property portal will always be online. There are no concerns of your portal being down for maintenance, due to hardware failure, or as a result of limited resources. The biggest game-changer, however, is the ability to access your property portal from anywhere from any device. While VPNs allowed limited access to property portals in certain cases, the infrastructure and security portals meant that this was dependent on a number of factors and on a case-by-case basis. Property Tree’s portal allows remote access to anyone you choose to give the necessary permissions to.

Owners and Tenants Portals

Property Tree's revolutionary cloud-based and highly automated approach to rental and commercial property management not only improves the productivity of property managers, but it also provides them with tools to give their clients a better customer experience.  A good example of this is with the Owner and Tenant Portals.

The Owner & Tenant Portal allows your clients to see relevant information, access their statements and ledgers, and to directly communicate with you via the Message Centre. All of the communications are recorded in PropertyTree in the relevant Communications History reports, consolidating all your in-system communications.  Best of all, the portal is online, giving your clients 24/7 access, anywhere they are in the world.

Secure and customisable access to property portal

Property Tree allows you to tailor what each person has access to. This means you can make previously unheard of decisions like giving an elite potential buyer access to view a single listing (and nothing else) in the portal. Permission changes are easy and instant – after the client has viewed the listing, you can remove his permission in seconds.

Property Tree also allows you to create unique logins for each person and logs all activity. This is extremely important when dealing with a property portal where security and accountability are of the utmost importance. At all times, you are aware of who has accessed what information. And you need not worry about the migration of this data from your current portal – Property Tree facilitates easy and seamless migration from a wide range of other platforms.

Transform your business with Property Tree

Australia's Best Cloud-based Property Portal and Property Management Software

Property Tree has not only brought new flexibility and functionality to property portals, but it is also one of the most fully-featured and easy-to-use property management software options available. Innovative features and software wide automation eliminate repetitive tasks, greatly increasing productivity. Inclusions such as trust accounting, automated listing and advanced database features alongside third-party app integration and its next-gen property portal mean Property Tree covers the gamut of day to day tasks. To see for yourself how Property Tree can increase your productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line, book a free demo today!

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40 Years Experience

Property Tree is powered by Rockend, the leading provider of rental property software in Australia and New Zealand with over 40 years of experience developing the region's most trusted real estate management solutions.

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Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Our longstanding dedication to security is part of what makes Rockend the leader in Australia's rental software. We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, helping protect you and your owners' and tenant's sensitive data with industry-leading data protocols and enterprise-level security.

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Award winning support

Enjoy unparalleled customer service with our support team - winner of the Contact Center of the Year Award at the 2018 International Service Awards.   We're a Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) Certified Organisation,  committed to giving our customers world-class experiences. 

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