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Designed for easier and faster management of commercial properties

As involved a process as rental property management can be, the ante is upped considerably when entering the world of commercial property management. With often large volumes of properties as well as the many unique additional considerations that come with managing offices, industrial properties retail properties and more, a robust and rich-featured commercial property management software is required to properly streamline these processes.


Property Tree is the leading cloud based property management solution used by thousands of property managers in Australia and New Zealand, equipped with tools to streamline processes unique to commercial property management.  With Property Tree, experience a feature-rich commercial real estate management software that will make managing offices, industrial properties, retail properties and more, easier, quicker and more organised.


While the list below gives a snapshot of Property Tree’s most outstanding features, its range of functionality is far too extensive to cover here. The only way to truly experience the power, convenience, full feature set and capability of Property Tree as commercial real estate property management software is to see it in action yourself. Book a free demo today, and let us show you how Property Tree can dramatically increase the efficiency of your business.

Powerful Features

Commercial property management software must have the ability to meet a number of specific challenges. Complex calculations and documentation are daily concerns alongside a large amount of sensitive data and a workflow that includes a number of different individuals. This demands software that can make sense of all this information and manage it efficiently, all the while being user-friendly. Made with exactly these considerations in mind, a focus on automation, efficiency and security makes Property Tree Australia’s best property management software.

Cloud-Based Software

In commercial real estate, ability to enact transactions and access information at any time of the day or night from wherever you or your employees may be at the time is of the utmost importance. With server-based databases, this is impossible without the use of an expensive private WAN and complex VPN. Property Tree’s cloud-based design allows anyone with permission to access allowed information from any device. With Property Tree, you are freed from the restrictions of an on-site server database as well as the associated hardware and maintenance costs.


In commercial property management, you may have a portfolio of a few properties, an extremely large number, or a portfolio that is constantly fluctuating. It is therefore extremely important that your management software is highly scalable, allowing you to adjust for the number of properties in your portfolio and the amount of information being handled. Property Tree has the ability to manage anywhere from one to thousands of properties without the need for add-on software or complicated adjustments. While more properties should mean more profit, it is all for naught if you are unable to manage them effectively. With its highly automated nature and host of machine-driven tasks, Property Tree makes the management of multiple properties simple.

Transform your business with Property Tree

Highly Automated Trust Accounting Capabilities

With its full accounting feature set, Property Tree eliminates the need for costly additional commercial property management accounting software. Designed to meet the commercial property manager’s need to deal with large volumes of tenant invoicing and receipting, arrears management, double entry accounting, sensitive trust account and more, Property Tree fully automates many aspects of these tasks. This ensures accuracy and exponentially faster accounting calculations. Integration with XERO allows you to include even more accounting capabilities and easily calculate addition concerns like complex lease calculations, breakpoints and the like.


Your owners and tenants must be confident at all times that their business information is safe. Property Tree may well be the most secure Australian commercial property management software – in addition to its industry-leading data protections and enterprise-level security, our software is legislatively trust account compliant in both Australia and New Zealand.

What sets us apart in property software 

Our features

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40 Years Experience

Property Tree is powered by Rockend, the leading provider of rental property software in Australia and New Zealand with over 40 years of experience developing the region's most trusted real estate management solutions.

microsoft certified partner

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Our longstanding dedication to security is part of what makes Rockend the leader in Australia's rental software. We are a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, helping protect you and your owners' and tenant's sensitive data with industry-leading data protocols and enterprise-level security.

award winning support

Award winning support

Enjoy unparalleled customer service with our support team - winner of the Contact Center of the Year Award at the 2018 International Service Awards.   We're a Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) Certified Organisation,  committed to giving our customers world-class experiences. 

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