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File Smart Features

File Smart will help you streamline your business, reduce costs and help you recover the wasted space of onsite filing cabinets and offsite document storage.

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Convenient and secure document management

Documents generated electronically, and incoming mail can be filed without printing a paper copy with File Smart and stored under a property or owners corporation. You can also complete this action from within Rest Professional and Strata Master,  without ever having to exit your trust account software.

Once stored in File Smart, documents can be searched, retrieved, reviewed, printed, or sent whenever you need them.

Print Mail for Property Management

Collate all of your landlord statements, along with the applicable invoices, and either email them or sort them and print them to be mailed.  

Integrates with Rest Professional to automatically collate and send documents via print and/or email. Includes a wizard to simplify the End of Month process.

Statements Wizard

The File Smart Statements Wizard takes you through the statement run process step by step, making sure you get it right every time. With standard and optional user-defined steps, you can add and reorder to create your own workflow. The wizard makes sure you never miss a step in the process, even if you only do it once a month!

All screenshot images used on this web page are for illustrative purposes. The features, colour scheme, and functionality shown in the screenshot images are for illustration purposes only for the Rest Professional desktop software. The images displayed by the File Smart desktop software will differ when downloaded and installed on a server.


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File Smart Workflow Assist

Automatically monitored email inboxes to create predefined workflows

Invoicing Workflow

Uses advanced barcode scanning to automate invoicing workflow


Water Invoicing Workflow

Automatically pre-fills tenant water usage details when using water bills with QR codes


Bulk Creditor Invoicing

Integrates with Rest Professional and Strata Master to allow invoices to be created in bulk


Documents on Portals

Selected documents from Rest Professional and Strata Master can be made available to Owners, Tenants or Committee members

Outlook Add-in

Allows seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and File Smart Archive to archive emails directly from Outlook

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