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Movinghub provides a seamless moving experience with an array of services that increase value to your business and create an adjacent revenue stream through innovative technology.

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Developer utilihub
Date added 01/05/2018
Regions Australia
Languages English


Evolving the moving home experience, Movinghub part of Tili Group, is globally recognised as the home services SaaS and PropTech leaders.

Movinghub differs from the traditional connections model and are innovators in white label utility connection technology, offering a moving experience like no other. Currently in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK, the Movinghub technology has moved over half a million customers.

With Movinghub, processes are simple, automated and completely user friendly. Moving customers can arrange multiple services with market leading providers, making their move the enjoyable experience it should be. From essentials like electricity, gas and water right through to packing, cleaning, truck hire, removalists and more, the aim is always to assist our clients with convenience and excellence. Movinghub enables businesses to provide their clients with an end to end service under their own brand, increasing value to their service offering whilst creating an adjacent revenue stream.

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