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Add your listings once and have them automatically uploaded to a wide selection of real estate portals and classifieds websites in Australian and across the World. Portal Uploads is the most efficient way to manage your stock across multiple 3rd party websites.

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Developer Agentpoint
Date added 18/08/2019
Regions Australia, New Zealand
Languages English



Agentpoint developed a CRM system called PropertyHUB, previously called Zoo Property. PropertyHUB is designed to make your work flow more efficient and a lot more successful. PropertyHUB is cloud based so you can access it from any web browser, anywhere you are.

Agents can list any type of property including:

  • Residential Sale
  • Residential Lease
  • Commercial Sale
  • Commercial Lease
  • Holiday Accommodation
  • Business Listings
  • New Development/Projects

Product Features:

  • Agentpoint can send your data to 100 + websites in Australia and some international ones. We’re also happy to add new portals at your request.
  • Control which property goes to what portal.
  • Exports can be sent automatically every 2 hours or instantly via a manual push.
  • Receive reports back from the portals in relation to success.
  • Processing errors from portals are visible in your Dashboard.
  • Manage Contacts/Lead Generation/Reminders. You can load buyers, vendors, landlords, tenants etc into the system and then track your communication with them.
  • You can run reports on property data in your system. You can filter what data to search and then select which data to display for those results.
  • All your data is accessible via our free API.
  • Create PDF brochures for properties that are used as window displays or at open inspections. There are a variety of templates that allow you to manage text and images.
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