Jun 12 , 2018

The Human Connection in the Digital Age

human connection in digital age

Technology is a double-edged sword when it comes to doing business.  On one hand, there’s the convenience in doing transactions and yet on the other, there’s the risk of losing the “human connection”— an important factor in fostering professional relationships, most especially in property management.

So, how do you wield it effectively?

Rockend CEO Alister Maple-Brown shared a few thoughts on the subject in an interview with Kevin Turner of Real Estate Uncut during the 2018 LPMA Conference in Gold Coast, QLD. Let us take a look at the interview highlights:

Customer relationships and technology

In the interview, Maple-Brown talks about how the technology of a productivity software, such as PropertyTree, gives businesses the opportunity to create more meaningful relationships with their customers.  He says that by automating more mundane tasks, these applications give property managers more time to meet clients personally and have more interactive phone conversations.

The golden ticket

Maple-Brown also gave indispensable advice to property managers in using that time effectively in building trust among clients: “Show curiosity.  Because when you have the time you can ask the questions, you can build rapport…and if you got people’s trust in business, then that’s the ticket.”

A balancing act

On the topic of social media, Maple-Brown believes that when used wisely, social media is a great tool in creating value for your clients.  “Social media channels have the ability…to inform and educate, and so forth and a lot of that can build trust over time because it produces value,” but he goes on to say that “the real trust lies in the relationship with people,” noting that it is in the balance of pushing good information and also carving out time for people that should be part of daily practice in property management.

To watch the full interview, you may click here.  

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