Jul 10 , 2018

7 podcasts for property managers


As a property manager, you need all the resources you can get to stay up to date.  One of the easiest ways to do so is by following the leading podcasts on Australian real estate. 

Podcasts allow you to be informed on-the-go, from any device. Perfect for busy people like you. 

In real estate, a good number of podcasts are produced and hosted by trusted names in the industry. But with plenty of options, which are the ones worth subscribing to? 

We list our top 7 choices that will keep you informed and inspired one sound byte at a time.

1. Elevate by Elite Agent

Elevate is the official podcast of premier real estate industry magazine Elite Agent.  Each week, Elevate invites industry movers and shakers to talk about real estate trends and share coaching tips that will help you increase your portfolio and grow your business.

Where to start: Chris Hanley talks about the importance of language in real estate

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2. The Secrets of the Top 100 Agents

Ever wondered what makes the most successful real estate agents in Australia good at what they do?  Learn their habits, practices, actions and beliefs by tuning in "The Secrets of the Top 100 Agents" podcast by  Real Estate Business Top 100 Agents.  

Where to start: Embracing technology in a time of change

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3. Real Estate Talk

Real Estate Talk has a huge following and a quick listen to their podcasts would tell you why. Hosted by Kevin Turner, the show's entertaining yet informative style features trending topics in property, analysis on current real estate news, and indispensable advice by real estate investing experts.

Where to start: Class 1B buildings offer high returns + The 8 golden investment rules + Why all property managers are not the same

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4. Smart Property Investment Show

This comprehensive podcast features informative interviews with investors, property experts and politicians where they discuss the hard issues facing the property market, lender policies, government regulation and the national economy.

Where to start: A portfolio that continues to grow

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5. Real Estate Uncut

Perhaps the only daily podcast on this list, Real Estate Uncut offers it listeners quick 5-10 minute episodes jam-packed with tips and advice from Australia's leading trainers, mentors and agents.  Make your daily drive or commute to work interesting by subscribing to this podcast.

Where to start: Love it or Leave it + Bolting on a Sales to a PM business- Tara Bradbury

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6. The Property Management Show

Created specifically with the property management business in mind, the Property Management Show should be your go-to for improving your practices and driving success. This podcast delves into every component of a successful property management business-- from sales, marketing and operations, with insights from subject matter experts.

Where to start: Essential Ways to Adapt Your Property Management Business to Growth

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7. Property Update

Get your property and real estate strategies with a heaping side of inspiration with Michael Yardney's Property Update podcast. A well-known property expert in Australia, Michael challenges traditional financial advice with innovative ideas on real estate investing and wealth creation, drawing from his personal experience of mentoring business people, investors and entrepreneurs.

Where to start: The Biggest Changes I've seen | What Would I do Differently | 9 Predictions for the next decade

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Got any recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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