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Most real estate businesses understand why they should be leveraging cloud technologies.

But the challenge is in knowing how to get there.

Transitioning to a cloud-based Property Management software involves a structured approach across people, process and infrastructure in line with an agency's business objectives. 

The Cloud Readiness Assessment helps Property Management agencies understand their readiness to adopt cloud technologies, and the path ahead.

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* Terms and conditions apply.

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What is the Cloud Readiness Assessment?

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is a personalised report developed by a Rockend representative, that determines your agency’s readiness to adopt cloud-based property management technology. It outlines a flexible, phased and logical approach across people, process and technology to help your agency understand and plan your adoption of cloud-based technologies.


What to expect from a Cloud Readiness Assessment

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is detailed report, tailored specifically to your agency, that includes:

  • Review of your current internal process
  • Best practice processes for owners, properties, tenants, creditors and trust account administration
  • Review of current third-party applications in use
  • Overview of current infrastructure
  • People overview
  • Cloud readiness
  • Recommendations and next steps


*Terms and condition: The delivery of the Rockend Cloud Readiness Assessment is subject to the availability of a Rockend Representative, and is dependent on the information shared by the requesting agency with regard to their existing infrastructure and processes.

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