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Property Management | 2 min read

Why you should use Movinghub with Property Tree

Peter Crowe

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Peter Crowe

Here at Rockend, we take pride in not only giving our customers with world-class experiences but also in empowering them with tools to give their own clients excellent services.

One of the many ways we do this is through our partnership with Movinghub.  As an integrated service in our cloud-based property management software, Property Tree, Movinghub allows you to get tenants settled in their new home easily, by offering them utility connection service for free.  

But beyond giving a stress-free moving home solution to your tenants, Movinghub also benefits you and your agency in a number of ways:

1. Create great customer relationships

In real estate, we all know that a good relationship is the difference in keeping your tenants happy. And what better way to nurture a great relationship from the get go than by giving tenants their own movologist? Integration enables you to provide your customers with free utility connection service – taking the pain out of their move and offering superior service right from the onboarding process.

2. Simplify your work

With the Movinghub integration turned on, you can activate a tenant's utilities connection service in just one click in Property Tree. Activating the Movinghub integration will streamline the utility connection process and save you time by eliminating the data entry traditionally required when sending a connection request to the connection company.

3. Boost your bottom-line

The best part of helping your tenants move in? Every time they connect a service via Movinghub, you earn referral revenue. Your agency can earn $40+ on average whenever tenants connect their electricity, gas or book a mover through Movinghub – and props for helping them settle in.

4. It’s a free service with great benefits

You read that right - all this good stuff for you and your clients comes at no extra cost. The Movinghub integration is a free service that comes with your Property Tree subscription. All you need to do is activate and that’s it - your new revenue stream is now open, and it’s smiles all round.

Get started – Here’s how

Have your account Administrator activate Movinghub integration: Go to Configuration > Integrations > Utilities Integration. Don’t forget to update your tenancy application form with a checkbox so tenants can opt in when they sign their lease.

For more information about Movinghub integration, check out the Property Tree Knowledge Base

If you want to know more about our integrations and partnerships with other companies and technologies, click here.

Do more with a cloud-based property management software

Property Tree is the cloud-based solution that works with leading service providers to streamline your tasks and power your business with the latest innovations in property technology.  See it for yourself when you book a free demo today.

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