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Property Management | 3 min read

Here's what's new in Property Tree this June

Paul Wahltuch

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Paul Wahltuch

Enjoy even greater flexibility in Property Tree. This month, we’re giving you more options in reporting, new integrations, improved data organization and more. Here are the feature enhancements you can start using starting this June in Property Tree.

Owner Income & Expenditure Report enhancements

The final round of improvements to the I&E reports are here just in time for EOFY, allowing you to provide your landlords with more detailed and transparent reporting in their statements!

There's now a monthly breakdown option, that displays income, expenses and owner payments in a 12-month format. You can create these reports in 'Consolidated', 'Property Breakdown' or 'Consolidated with Property Breakdown' format.

New tenant profile tab: Lease & Rent

Lease and rent information, the rent schedule, vacate information and bond & deposits are now grouped under the new Lease & Rent tab on the tabbed profile view of the tenancy profile. This new tab organizes lease and rent data separately from the Financials tab – improving usability by reducing unnecessary scrolling and ensuring that functionality is easier to find. The financials tab now includes all information relating to financials.

Bendigo Bank Integration

Good news for Bendigo Bank customers, Property Tree is the first property management software to integrate with Bendigo Bank! You will now be able to process BPAY payments in bulk in Property Tree and upload the files to your banking software.

Partner Gateway

This month we are introducing our Partner Gateway, the new way to activate third party partner integrations with Property Tree. Going forward, it will be your one stop shop to manage all your Property Tree integrations.

Users with Administrator access can activate partner integrations using the new Partner Gateway page which can be accessed via Configuration > Integrations > Partner Gateway. In the first phase, new partner Detector Inspector will be available to be activated via Partner Gateway with other partners joining soon.

Detector Inspector Integration

Detector Inspector is a custom-built compliance management system that provides maintenance suppliers for smoke alarms, gas appliances, essential services and more - and now it's integrated with Property Tree.

For more information on the integration and how to connect, check out this knowledgebase article.

Business Role filter for Statistics Report

You can now further filter the statistics report using the new Business Role filter.

Payment Batch Screen improvments

The Payment Batch screen has been improved to ensure better performance and search results. It’s now easier for you to search through the EFT Payment and the BPAY Payment Batch pages with new filters and pagination for Profile Name, Account Name, Account Number, Biller Code, BPAY Ref and Amount. Pagination has also been added for Owners, Creditors and Bond Payments.

Ledger reporting screen updates

It's now faster to generate a full history for an owner or tenant. The Ownership and Tenancy Ledger reporting pages have been improved with a new ‘Complete History of One Ownership/Tenancy filter, the date range capped at one year and the default selection type set to Selected Tenancies.

More on the June release

To learn more about the June 2020 release, including issues fixed and other enhancements please read the release notes. You can also take the self-paced training for an in-depth look of all the additions included in this month's release.

As always your feedback is critical to helping us help you, so please continue to send through your suggestions through Rockend User Voice.

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