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Property Management | 2 min read

What's new in Property Tree this August?

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Michael Momdjian

Our focus here at Rockend is to make every aspect of your work as a property manager more efficient and this month's Property Tree release is all about making things just a little bit easier for you so you can accomplish more in less time.

Here are the feature enhancements this August that you can now access:


Following significant positive feedback received the new-look dashboards will now become the default landing page and the existing dashboard will be retired. Performance time to load real-time data has also been enhanced.

Rockend SMS

You can now change the send from address for SMS up to 11 alphanumerical digits allowing you to brand your SMS, instead of coming from unknown/foreign number.

Invoice Forwarding/approval workflow

You can now upload invoices into Invoice Genius and forward them to your colleagues for review, approval and/or processing.

Document management

It is now possible to save email files (.msg) in Document Management against all profiles. You can even drag and drop .msg if saved on desktop.

NZ Water Care Invoices

NZ Water Care Invoices can now be processed through Invoice Genius. Water usage and total amount owed are calculated and a description is generated based off the invoice.

Feature enhancements have also been made to the side navigation bar, arrears notices, creditor invoice and more. You can read these and all other details in the August 2019 Release Notes. 

August release webinar

Join our complimentary webinar on September 3rd to learn all about the new features released this month. Plus, we'll give you a sneak peek into the new Business Insights feature; created to identify trends within your agency and provide market insights from your area.

As always your feedback is critical to helping us help you, so please continue to send through your suggestions through Rockend User Voice.

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