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Property Management | 1 min read

What's new in Property Tree this April?

Peter Crowe

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Peter Crowe

Our focus here at Rockend is on delivering regular feature enhancements to make every aspect of your work as a property manager more efficient.

Here are a few of the key highlights from our April 2019 feature update:

Edit Inspections in Bulk

To streamline the administration of inspections you can now update status, date and time of your inspections in bulk from the Inspections Summary Report. By using the Bulk Edit feature you are also able to simultaneously send multiple communications to Tenants notifying them of upcoming inspections.

Inspection Summary Report

To assist with bulk editing your inspections we have updated the Inspections Summary report to be able to filter by suburb and included address and suburb as separate columns in the Report. 

Recurring Invoices 

To save time on generating cyclical invoices you can now create Creditor, Tenancy or linked Tenancy and Creditor Recurring Invoices for both Residential and Commercial properties on a pre-defined schedule. 

Statistics Report Update

Enhancements have been made to further identify key performance indicators. The Report will now default as GST exclusive when generated. You can opt to view it GST inclusive or exclusive and will be able to view average weekly rent on the report.

New Ownership Statement Style

A new compact ownership style is now available. Owners can easily identify Income, Expenses, Fees and Payments.

More feature enhancements have been made to Invoice Processing, creditor BPay payments, Tenant Download and Tenancies Vacating.

All the feature updates can be accessed via the Property Tree April 2019 Release Notes. 

As always your feedback is critical to helping us help you, so please continue to send through your suggestions through Rockend User Voice.

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