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Watch Now: Managing Tenant Rent in Rest Professional

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Learn best practice for setting up a tenancy, understand how to correctly receipt any funds received, and make sure your rent increases happen on time, every time in this on-demand webinar on Managing Tenant Rent in Rest Professional.

You'll also come away able with confidence in your ability to explain a tenant ledger to a tenant, owner, or at tribunal.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • How to read and use the rent receipt screen and tabs
  • How to set up a new tenant's rental lab and paid to date
  • How to read a tenant ledger
  • How to enter a rent increase
  • How to reverse a rent receipt in the current period
  • How to manage a tenant's rent using the different receipting options - manual, Tenant Download, and Direct Debit
Managing Tenant Rent in Rest Professional

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