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Watch Now: Tenant Download in Property Tree

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Melinda Cotton
Tenant download is here!
Available for both residential and commercial tenancies, Tenant Download will automate the receipting of tenancy payments that have been direct deposited into your agency’s trust account.
Once configured, you’ll be able to upload your bank statements along with other receivable files (such as BPAY) to be receipted and reconciled automatically in PropertyTree.
Watch our FREE tenant download webinar on-demand now, below. It will take you through the following:
- Preparing for Tenant Download
- How to configure Tenant Download
- Processing Tenant Download
- Reporting 
Don't use PropertyTree? You can speak to a member of our Growth & Retention Team about upgrading to PropertyTree by booking a demo here

Preparing your agency for Tenant Download


Configuring your agency for tenant download


Processing tenant download


Turning off Automatic Bank Reconciliation

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