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Property Management | 2 min read

Watch Now: Rest Professional w/ File Smart EOFY webinar

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Melinda Cotton

Using File Smart with Rest Professional? Then this one's for you. Watch this on-demand webinar as we run you through the complete EOFY process, so there’s no surprises and you’re full prepared when the time comes.   

You’ll also learn how to close off your owners’ ledgers, what the different options for financial reports are and how to charge income & expenditure fees. 
This webinar is for Rest Professional users who also use File Smart. If you are using Rest Professional only, you can watch the on-demand webinar here.
We'll cover:
  • The end of financial year procedure 
  • How to charge fees 
  • How to process the EOFY statements
End of Financial Year in Rest Professional w- File Smart

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