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Property Management | 0 min read

Watch: Portfolio Health Check with Real+

Kristina Estoesta

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Kristina Estoesta
 Regardless of the size of your portfolio, the structure you have in place or the tasks that you undertake in your role, it’s important to keep on top of the activity, the numbers and the health and well being of your portfolio. 

So, do you have all your checks and balances in place? Would you get a 5 star health rating? 

Watch this video to uncover the key areas that you can review, to improve, refresh and refocus. Together with Lauren of Real+, we will help you put some plans in place to ensure that your portfolio items have daily, weekly, monthly and annual checkpoints, to keep a healthy viewpoint all year round. 
There will also be a Q&A segment at the end where we will be providing contact details where you can send in your questions about the session - so feel free to ask us!
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