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Property Management | 1 min read

How to Increase Your Property Management Fees

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The Rockend Team
Rockend has partnered with Darren Hunter from Inspired Growth Training to bring you this video guide on how to increase your property management fees with current clients.

With 16 years specialising in fee maximisation across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Darren shares with you the strategies to implement in successfully increasing your revenue from existing portfolio. 

Watch this video and learn the following:
  • Five metrics to monitor every month to drive your profit margin.
  • Which fees to add and increase, and which to leave alone. 
  • The eight effective keys to writing an great fee increase letter. 
  • Three crucial tactics for your notification letter or email. 
- If you wish to have a copy of the presentation used on the video, you can download the PDF file here.
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