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Property Management | 2 min read

Learn how Walkom Real Estate saved themselves 27 hours every week

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Walkom Real Estate is a family owned business with a team of 20 highly qualified property experts with many years of experience in both sales and property management. 

Established in 1961, Walkom pride themselves on continuing to innovate, improve and refine systems and processes to ensure they stay ahead of the pack and provide the best possible service. Susan Saetta, Manager of the Property Management department talks about how Rockend’s REST Professional and File Smart have helped them do this and to save 27 hours every week.

How did File Smart help your business when you first implemented it?
The end of month processing time was cut by hours. Having documents automatically collated and emailed saved us hours each month. We were able to simply provide our owners with not only their statement but also the corresponding invoices to help them to understand what occurred during the month, resulting in better service.
File Smart also gave us access to our documents at our fingertips so it made it quick and easy when a client requested a copy of something. Less paper filing has meant that we’ve saved a lot of space as well. Recent improvements such as the ability to archive emails directly from Outlook and the Owner & Tenant Portals have been great. We can now give our clients access to their documents 24/7 which minimises calls to the office.

You’ve recently implemented File Smart Workflows, which allows you to electronically move documents around the business and assign to people for different tasks such as review and approval. How has this feature helped your business?
It’s helped us by creating efficiencies in keeping track of invoices. Scanning barcoded invoices has been a huge time saving as they are automatically indexed so there’s no data entry. File Smart’s latest upgrade has allowed us to provide a more efficient and accurate service to clients. The whole invoicing process has become very efficient and smooth. It’s streamlined, stress free and has freed up the time of the staff to focus on other tasks.
On average, how much time has File Smart saved you each month?
We believe it has saved us approximately 27 hours per week across the team. The initial implementation saved around 15 hours a week but the new Workflow feature has saved even more time. With the automated archiving and processing it’s saved us at least another 12 hours each week. The number one benefit is time saving; it’s fast, efficient and easy.
What was your experience with implementing File Smart and the Rockend service?
It was very easy to implement. It was a straight forward process that was simple to understand and allowed for easy training of all staff. The service is excellent, 10 out of 10.
What would you say to anyone considering using REST Professional and File Smart together? 
Go for it, you will not be disappointed! The time management and productivity improvements are immense. The improved customer service benefits such as the Owner & Tenant Portals can also be used as a great marketing tool when seeking new business. The support received from the REST Professional & File Smart teams is unsurpassed and the best we have ever experienced. Working with Rockend has taken a lot of the unnecessary stress from the entire property management team which has helped to create a better working environment for all.

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