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Report: The Voice of Property Management in Australia

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The Rockend Team

Property management is a vital part of the real estate industry and understanding the people that make it happen – the property managers – can be the key to driving your business to success.

But what makes property managers happy? And how does this affect your property management business?

In the Voice of Property Management in Australia Report, it is revealed that property managers will feel satisfied with their careers if they are trained regularly, paid well and given the right tools and career opportunities. However, only one in four workers within the industry feel this way about their job. 

The report also highlights that  the best property management businesses are well run, have great career structures in place and support their property managers to be more than just property task managers but also encourage them to be advisers.

The research also shows challenges and opportunities within the industry and other key findings that will help you gain insights in property management

The report is based on the back of our survey of 1034 respondents which includes property managers, principals, heads of departments, BDMs and trust managers, with a goal of establishing a benchmark, analysing job satisfaction levels and understanding key issues that are affecting the industry.

To read more of our research, download The Voice of Property Management in Australia Report here.

The Voice of Property Management in Australia

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