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Upgrade to STRATA Master v10 and fileSMART v7.8 today!

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Strata Master V10 and File Smart V7.8 have been developed based on your feedback and are full of exciting new features that will save you time and help you provide more value to your customers. See the main features below: 

Delegated Functions Reporting

Report on the main functions of a strata manager at plan level, bringing many reports into one. A quick and easy way to highlight the work you do for your customers

Strata Master Online Voting

Increase owner meeting participation by allowing owners to vote from their PC or mobile phone before the start of any meeting. Note that not all regions allow Online Voting

Multiple Invoice Dissections with File Smart Workflow

Flag an invoice that has multiple dissections. Process the dissected invoice directly from the fileSMART Creditor Invoices screen. A big time saver.

And much more 

STRATA Master Version 10 includes additional enhancements, legislation updates and other features which you can view in the release notes.

Looking for a 
strata management software?

Strata Master is the industry-leading solution that automates everyday tasks, simplifies compliance and helps you deliver outstanding customer service.

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