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Property Management | 1 min read

Top Five Features of Property Tree this 2018

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The Rockend Team

This 2018 we delivered many new features and enhancements to Property Tree all aimed at making your working life a little easier and best of all most at no additional cost.  

Here is a recap of Property Tree's Top Five Features of 2018.

1. Mobile Contacts App

Enjoy flexibilty anytime, anywhere with Property Tree Mobile Contacts app.  Download it from the Apple app store or Google Play and access all your contacts when out of the office. Featuring advanced caller ID, it matches incoming calls from your phone to your Property Tree contacts. 

2. Simplified Reporting

Critical reports such as Leases, Rent Reviews, Arrears, Bond & Deposit Summary Reports and many more were created or enhanced to give you instant insights to your business.

3. Save time on Financials

This 2018 we helped you save time on your financials:

  • Invoice Genius - Uploading bulk invoices has never been easier and faster.
  • Tenant Download- automatically match transactions with a tenancy, allocate the funds then receipt the matched transactions.
  • Direct Debit - Enables your tenants to automatically transfer rent and invoice payments to your trust account, reducing your arrears and simplifying your tenant's experience.

4. Utilities connections

We partnered with Movinghub to offer you a complete solution to home moving needs, allowing you to connect your clients' utilities, and provides an incremental revenue stream for you.

5. Rockend Property Assistant

For a fee, access fully trained, Rockend accredited staff from industry leading outsourcer Beepo.  Get help with your new property onboarding, new tenant onboarding, tenancy management and tenancy exit administration.


If you haven’t switched these on yet check the Knowledge Base home to interactive videos and instructional guides or contact us for more information.  We are looking forward to the next year to give you more exciting updates that will improve your Property Tree experience.

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