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Top 4 Marketing Tools for Real Estate Businesses

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Technology plays a significant role in all real estate agencies, and there are now a plethora of free tools available to assist your business in its marketing efforts. Utilising free and online marketing tools can help give your business the competitive edge it needs at a fraction of the price. Here are our top four marketing tools for real estate businesses. All of these are available online and free to use. 


MailChimp helps you communicate with your clients or prospective clients easily through email. The platform allows the users to design and create branded email templates that can include images, videos and stylised text. If you want to prepare communications for the future, the scheduling feature helps you do this automatically sending your email at your preferred date and time.


Social media is essential in the real estate industry, but it can be tough to keep track of all of the different social channels. Hootsuite can help! This platform streamlines your social media marketing into one easy to use platform. Posts can be created in Hootsuite and shared across multiple platforms instantaneously. The comprehensive analytics and measurement tools will ensure your social media plans are on track for success! If you have a larger team who monitors your social channels, you can assign tasks such as replying to comments all with Hootsuite.


Once you have your social channels up and running, Canva is a quick and easy tool for content creation. Canva provides users with hundreds of marketing templates for almost every aspect of marketing, whether that be social media banners or posts to brochures or e-books. All of these templates are free with only a $1 fee for use of images. All of your designs are stored online and can be repurposed for future use. Canva can turn even the most graphically-challenged into a budding designer.

Google Analytics

A website is a powerful and necessary marketing platform for your business and if analysed and tracked properly you can maximise its potential. As the name suggests, Google Analytics provides users with a statistical tracking program to help your website reach its peak performance. You will be able to determine which search terms bring you the most traffic, the number of hits on your site and the most popular pages. Using this data can help ensure that your website is optimised for Google searches and bringing you the most traffic possible. 

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