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Property Management | 1 min read

Introducing the Property Tree Contacts mobile app for property managers

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The Rockend Team

The new Property Tree Contacts app gives Property Managers fast, secure and real-time access to their contacts while out of the office. 

Your Property Tree portfolio at your fingertips

Deliver personalised service to your customers and partners with the Property Tree Contact app! With its advanced Caller ID, the Property Tree Contact app will automatically identify incoming calls and emails and match them to information in your account. This will help you to know:

  1. Which property is the owner calling about?
  2. Where is the property located?
  3. Previous notes about a tenant

Real-time Access

As new properties, owners, tenants and creditors are added in Property Tree, their information is instantly available in the Contacts App without having to enter anything manually. You can rest assured that the contacts you are accessing are always the most recent work, mobile or email addresses in Property Tree.

Caller Identification

With the caller ID feature, you will be able to identify your Property Tree contacts as they call. This will provide your clients with a more personalised service when answering the call or responding via email or text message.

Fast & secure login

Log into the app quickly and securely using a user PIN or fingerprint instead of a long username and password.

Download the Property Tree Contact app now

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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