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Mateship-as-a-Service. The Power of Community

Josh Symons

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Josh Symons

The business of Real Estate has never actually been about land, bricks and mortar. It also isn't taking the “easy road” to “get rich quick”. It is about is community and the role we play in it. Real estate is and always will be about people. It's about helping people find the right place to create homes for their family. It is about investment portfolios that allow people to build a secure financial future. No matter your definition, without people and the community you simply don't have a real estate business.

This past summer many Australians lost their homes and lives and the communities they live in have been changed forever. What we have witnessed in the weeks following the bushfires has been communities rallying together across towns, states and even countries. People are offering support in any way they can to help those who are directly dealing with the loss of lives, properties, homes, wildlife and ecosystem. It is in this power of community feelings of hope for the future start to surface and Aussie pride of getting on with it bubbles over.

Coming together

There have been so many great initiatives put into action including the Ray White led #Beyondthebricks. A three-phase online campaign unifying Australia's real estate industry proving we might be competitors in business but are comrades when it comes to community.

The Di Jones team created their own Drought Drive, with a team travelling over 3000kms to various regional towns and spending money locally. Off the back of this trip they have published an e-catalogue of 200 businesses across 46 regional towns encouraging us all to buy, share and enjoy what they have to offer. Property Managers have been reaching out via social media platforms with offers of their skill set to help to those in bushfire affected areas.

What all of this shows is that Mateship-as-a-Service is alive and flourishing. Based in the ethos of supporting our Australian community, our mates (even if we haven't personally met them) together with the power of the internet has inspired innovation in the exchange of ideas, skills and support needed by the community.

Healthy community, healthy economy

Getting involved in your community is an excellent way to build relationships, increase visibility and awareness of your brand, generate referrals and contribute to the health of your local economy.

But it MUST be based in authenticity, commitment and integrity. As our customers will tell us, if they don't trust us, then they will take their money elsewhere.


And if you are not involved in your community, whether that be the area your agency operates in or the wider community of the property industry are you missing out on optimising your business? Are you missing out on building meaningful business relationships?

So why not take some time and ask yourself how does your business engage with your local community? Are you just checking the box or are you invested in making a positive and meaningful difference to your local community? How can you deliver your own Mateship-as-a-Service to your community?

While you are thinking or reviewing your local community engagement plan be sure to join your industry community and support #Beyondthebricks. Your mates will appreciate it. 

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