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Property Management | 3 min read

Tamsin Wilson: How COVID-19 is reshaping the property manager's role

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Adaptability is one of the cornerstones of any successful property management team. But adaptability - especially in the midst of a global pandemic, requires more than mere adjustment to the situation. To Tamsin Wilson, Head of Property Management at Belle Property Parramatta, it also means reshaping the role of the property manager to fit the needs of customers durinthis challenging time and beyond. 


There’s no question that the pandemic has presented unique challenges for property management businesses, but Tamsin recognises that the systems they have in place long before the crisis hit has helped soften the blow. “Our business is quite lucky. We have begun to look at how we communicated internally and how we use software and technology to make our business more agile, Tamsin says. 

She further explained that using a cloud-based property management software ensures their business runs as smoothly as possible despite stay at home orders in place. “We made sure everything we ever needed was in the cloud and accessible whether people are working in the office or working from home.” 

By using the right technology, Tamsin admits that it has become easier to not only work but to communicate to tenants and landlords, especially at a time when their expertise is needed. “With the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of renters and landlords don’t exactly know who they can talk to so they’re turning to us as the professionals to seek an advice,” says Tamsin. 

Indeed, they’ve acted as advisors to their customers – a role that isn’t traditionally connected with property management but to Tamsin has now become apparent - and will continue even beyond COVID-19. “I think the role of the property manager will change especially as technology adapts,” explains Tamsin. “People that can communicate will definitely be a skill set on their own, and then there might be different kind of property managers that execute the work.” 


*Rockend Rockstars is a video series in partnership with Property TV. As part of the series, property commentator Kevin Turner talks to some rockstars of the property management industry about their business, tips, and personal stories.

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