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Property Management | 1 min read

Take the stress out of migration

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Changing software systems is a big decision for any business owner mostly due to concerns on how it will impact your business both in time and risk. Having a good action plan once you make the decision to proceed can make all the difference when going through a migration.

To help kick start your planning our experienced Rockend onboarding team have created a top tips guide to help make implementation as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Top tip #1. It’s all in the planning

What do successful people say is the secret to their success? It’s all in the planning. Start with appointing dedicated team members to create a schedule of timings and staff resourcing. This will minimise disruption to the everyday running of your business but also carve out enough time for implementation. This is also a good time to review internal processes and make necessary changes to help reduce feelings of stress and pressure once the migration is in progress.

Top Tip #2. Spring clean your data

One of the biggest drivers of migration delays and frustration is the quality of the data. The end goal is to have clean data to serve as the foundation for transactions (starting with bad data, means you will still have bad unreliable data!). It is important to spend time in data cleansing your existing Owner, Properties and Tenant files to drive greater efficiency during the migration process. Ultimately you want to be able to turn your data into a competitive advantage for your business.

Top Tip #3. Invest time in Training

Most of the focus of a data migration is to get the data inputted correctly, but don’t forget you will still be navigating around a new system. To really maximise your investment in changing software systems it is important to spend time learning how to use it. Make sure all staff attend training sessions so they learn how to get the most out of your new software. It is also important to continue to refresh your skills as new features are released.

Top Tip #4. Ask Questions

At any stage during the onboarding process don’t be shy to ask questions, as no doubt others in your team are thinking the same as you. It is better to ask the question and move forward rather than making an assumption – particularly if it is the wrong assumption.

And there you have it ! These simple tips should help to make your change management from old to new software just that little bit easier. Good Luck 😊

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