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Strata Management | 0 min read

Strata Master Version 9.0 - Now Available

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The Rockend Team

It's the small things which make a big difference to your day! Strata Master Version 9.0 hosts and array of new and enhanced features to make your job easier. 

New features in Strata Master Version 9.0 include:

Instructional information 

Maximise your use of Strata Master with instructional information helping you use every feature in the program.

Opening Balance Entry 

You can now see the end result of balance entries without saving them. The need to cancel and reverse entries which were incorrect on data entry are now eliminated.

Generic BPAY Levy Notice 

Email levy notices are now available to all agencies which offer BPAY with the new BPAY notice which can be used with all banks.

Improved Email Address Validation 

Ensuring all email addresses are formatted correctly when used in Strata Master.

User Meeting Favourites 

You asked, we delivered. We've added great enhancements, suggested by you at User Meetings to reduce data entry time and make the program even simpler to use. 

Looking for a 
strata management software?

Strata Master is the industry-leading solution that automates everyday tasks, simplifies compliance and helps you deliver outstanding customer service.

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