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Strata Management | 1 min read

We are excited to announce the release of Strata Master Version 5.5!

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The Rockend Team

Strata Master Version 5.5 is packed with a long list of enhancements that will enable Strata Managers to provide a better service experience to your clients. New features include:

Owner and Executive Portal Enhancements

In this enhanced version of Strata Master Owner & Executive Portals, you’ll now find even more options to customise the site to match the look and feel of your own site. You can also now display even more information from Strata Master, including the meeting schedule, as well as allowing your clients to contact you directly from the portal by email. This will reduce phone and email enquiries to your office as your clients can access their information online from anywhere, at any time. To help you promote this service to your clients, we have created a simple brochure template for your use.

Documents on Portals

File Smart users can now publish documents stored in File Smart, directly to the online Portals, so your clients will have access to documents relating to their building 24/7, such as meeting notices, minutes and bylaws.

Budgeting for Financial Groups

This feature allows you to assign general ledger transactions to reporting groups, for purposes such as capital works, exclusive use costs and so on. The ability to create a budget for a Financial Group is integral in the planning and reporting of groups.

Income Tax Calculation Worksheet and Creditor Invoice Entry Enhancements

Strata Master now provides an Income Tax Calculation Worksheet, designed to assist you to provide relevant information to Tax Agents for the preparation of an Income Tax Return. A new creditor invoice entry screen has also been added, which has a new look and will reduce your keystrokes.

User Meeting Favourites

Clients that attended our User Meetings in 2012 gave us many ideas to improve their user experience with Strata Master; we listened. More than 10 changes which were suggested at our User Meetings have been included in this release, such as copy and paste functionality, predictive text, more auto-billing options, and additional safeguards and warnings to help make your business more secure.

Current users of Strata Master are encouraged to take advantage of this free upgrade, by requesting for a Version 5.5 Licence code in the Customer Lounge.

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Strata Master is the industry-leading solution that automates everyday tasks, simplifies compliance and helps you deliver outstanding customer service.

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