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Sound Up

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Television is in the midst of something of a renaissance, and there could be no better way to enjoy it than on a big screen, surrounded by crystal-clear sound while sitting on a comfortable couch.

Thanks to countless streaming services, new weekly content and the ongoing love of the box set, the home theatre is becoming as commonplace in a property as a spare bedroom. However, kitting out a living space with state-of-the-art equipment can be an expensive process, unless you know how to get the same effect for less.

If the budget is on the lower end of the scale, the one piece of equipment that helps turn a run-of-the-mill TV into something more akin to a home theatre is, according to tech website CNET, a pair of high-quality speakers. Speakers such as Elac Debut B6 and Pioneer SP-PK52FS are said to be TV and movie-watching game changers.


And the secret to ramping up that sound even more?

Pair them up with a decent subwoofer. If it’s still preferable to set up a full home theatre system, then adding a receiver to connect with speakers and subwoofer will help to give a property the whole package. If buying entirely from scratch, then the Pioneer 5.1 Home Theatre System HTP-074 is said to be one of the best home theatre systems out there that won’t break the bank. Plus, its receiver also supports Bluetooth, which means music can be streamed straight from your smartphone or laptop. 

If a property has smaller rooms, a more compact and unimposing device than a full home theatre system is preferable. Wired magazine recommends investing in a sound bar, saying “their upward-firing drivers bounce sound off the walls and ceiling”. 

When considering a sound bar, many people think of Sonos. Ever since the brand first burst onto the Australian market, sleek-looking sound bars resting underneath TVs have become a common sight, while its small recognisable speakers have been spotted in many shops, restaurants and yoga studios across the country. Yamaha’s YAS-106 sound bar, however, which comes in at just over $250 – little more than the price of a miniature speaker – was CNET’s choice for 2017’s best sound bar, so is worth checking out. 

Not to be outdone, earlier this year Sonos launched the Playbase. Acting as a home theatre in a box, the Playbase connects to your TV with an optical cable and, quickly and easily, becomes the centrepiece of a living room. Described by Wired as “a revelation” and able to “make everything bigger and richer”, the Playbase is currently the ultimate must-have piece of kit. 

With so many options on the market, the only decisions left to make are: what do you want to watch and where’s the remote?


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