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Property Management | 1 min read

SMS Best Practices in Property and Strata Management

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Melinda Cotton

SMS is a powerful communications tool, but there are tricks to crafting effective, succinct messages for Owners and Tenants. We’ve compiled a list of SMS Best Practices to ensure you maximise the power of SMS.

SMS Best Practice:

1. Keep your message short and simple

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, so it’s important that you do just that. Keep your message under 160 characters to ensure you don’t go over 1 SMS (You can exceed 160 characters but this will mean you’re sending 2 SMS’s and will be charged accordingly). Remember a character is a letter, number, space or punctuation.

2. Arrears messages or notifications are best sent earlier in the day.

Important notifications such as arrears are best sent in the morning to ensure they don’t get lost among the day’s daily tasks and allow the recipient ample time to contact you if necessary.

3. Send messages during business hours

Messages sent during business hours generally have a better response rate as they don’t get lost in the chaos of daily life.

4. “Opt-Outs” for SMS Marketing

When sending marketing or similar campaigns, you must give your customers the opportunity to “Opt-Out”. This is part of mandatory Privacy Laws.

5. Message Lead Times

SMS is immediate, concise and impactful however, the immediacy of a text message means particular attention needs to be paid to their lead time. Sending messages too far in advance of their call to action can diminish their impact, while a short lead time could decrease the ability of recipient to act at all.

An example of a best practice SMS would be:

Hi, Your next inspection is scheduled for 19/09/17 between 9:30am -10:00am. Please call Jesse Smith on 0457 224 788 to confirm.

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