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Smart Tech For Parents in Property

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Being a parent and working in the property business can be tricky. Juggling the ups and downs of the real estate market by day and the highs and lows of parenting by night – and morning, and afternoon – is no easy feat.

So, how can you make things easier for yourself and your little one’s between day care trips, appointments with clients, feeds and those long nights in the rocking chair? Thanks to technology, these clever new products have come to the rescue.

Smart cots and prams

Ever bundled up your baby and driven around the block at 3am just to get them to sleep, while counting down the hours until you have to be at work? Smart cots are changing that. These aren’t just your average baby crib; they can rock back and forth for a fixed period of time, play different soothing sounds when your child cries and have a built-in swaddle to keep your little ones on their back. The Snoo Smart Sleeper was the first of these products on the block, and rumour is that Ford is bringing out a similar product soon. The Pramrolla is another in this category, taking your little one for a ‘walk’ so that you can get some sleep.

Safe and sound in the car

If you have a toddler, it’s likely that you’ve had to deal with them trying to unbuckle their car seats at least once or twice. The SensorSafe from Evenflo aims to help you; it alerts you if your child undoes a buckle, and lets you know via a gentle tone that your little one needs to be unbuckled when you get to your destination. Self-installing car seats are also on the horizon (and will be available in Australia soon), eliminating the problem of all those confusing buckles and clasps!

Intuitive baby monitors

Gone are the days of the basic baby monitor – straining to hear sounds on a tiny device while you’re working a few rooms away. There are monitors now that can detect changes in your baby’s breathing, the oxygen or humidity levels in the room, any major movement and their heart rate. Owlet does all this and more, and comes in the form of a sock to put on your baby’s foot – then connects to an app on your smartphone. The Withings smart baby monitor lets you talk to your child from another room or turn on a soothing light if they wake up. Angelcare allows you to monitor your bub’s activity and check the temperature of the room.

Cute toys with hidden tech

A new generation of smart toys has hit the market. They are not only adorable, but they also have functions to help you out as a busy parent. The cuddly Riff Raff and Co sleeper toys are perfect for growing children, with a sound box that plays soothing noises to get them to sleep, and an easy washable exterior. The Elodie unicorn diffuser is ideal for making sure your little one doesn’t get sick and acts as a humidifier for up to eight hours at a time (plus, it’s perfect for your room too!).

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