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Property Management | 1 min read

Small Space Styling Tips

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Creating illusions and playing with colours – just a few of our tips for making a small-sized property appear bigger.

With apartment-living on the rise and the tiny house movement picking up pace, getting the most from a small space has never been more important – particularly when it comes to leasing and selling. To get the most from, and for, a property, it needs to stand out and give the buyer something to differentiate it from the other apartments in the block. But how?

Well, the experts tell us the key is all about working within your limits, using colour sparingly and light – lots of light. “Natural light is paramount to humans’ perception of space and comfort,” architect Ben Edwards of Edwards Moore recently told InsideOut. “Accessibility to it should be given priority.”

This would be easier in the instances where there is ample light that streams in through windows, but if light is sparse, then look for ways to redirect it. Mirrors are the perfect way to amplify both light and space, which makes them the perfect addition to a room. Don’t overdo it, however; you don’t want the room to end up resembling Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. Once mirrors are in place, think about the inclusion of other reflective surfaces such as glass or clear Perspex tables or crystal, silver and glass accessories.

When it comes to small spaces and colour, the key to good design is about keeping it simple and following the interior designer’s 80:20 rule. This is about keeping it 80 percent neutral and adding in pops of colour throughout the space using cushions, rugs, pieces of art and soft, textured throws. Not only do they add colour, they also bring a sense of warmth to the space.

You can take the dynamic of colour and space one step further and use a neutral sofa against a neutral wall and watch the sofa ‘disappear'. It creates the illusion of space, allowing the eye to move through a room uninterrupted. The same goes for when rooms are looking cramped. A simple styling tip is to get rid of big pieces of furniture like coffee tables and replace them with small side tables or ottomans.

Simplicity, light, warmth and colour maybe the way to create a stylish apartment, but when it comes time for site inspections, the space also needs to ‘make sense’. By showing the buyer or prospective tenant clearly defined living spaces – living room, dining room, study and outdoor space (if any) – they can immediately imagine themselves living in that space and begin to build an emotional connection with it. Help make them fall in love with the place, and everyone leaves the property happy, including you.


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