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Property Management | 7 min read

Rosa Zoccali: Do you fear the phone?

Catherine Vissiere

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Catherine Vissiere

Do you Fear the Phone? 

If you do, then you’re not alone. Many agents will send an email or a text before picking up the phone and calling their client. But is that costing you time and money? 

In this episode of Rockend Rockstars, Rosa Zoccali shares an experience where calling solved a problem in minutes, explores the biggest challenges for property management business in Victoria and the ways they make sure their clients are happy.  

Rockend Rockstar Episode 4 - Rosa Zoccali


Rosa Zoccali is the Business Owner at Harcourts Vision, an office with a reputation of achieving unprecedented results on their clients’ behalf. Rosa specialises in property management and advanced business systems and is also a fully licensed real estate agent, and member of the REIV. 

Property management software and a paperless office 

Rosa says the biggest question a business owner needs to ask themselves when choosing property management software, is “what is the long-term vision for my business? Rosa knew that she wanted to embrace a modern and future-proof business model. This meant finding a platform that would allow her to get rid of her server, go paperless, and gain the mobility of the cloud 

The fear of the phone 

Rosa aims to empower her property managers to spend more time on the human side of the business by automating as many repetitive tasks as possible with technology. Too often she says, property managers can get stuck in time consuming email chains about minor issues, that a simple 2-minute call would resolve. This fear of the phone and over reliance on SMS and email means that some property managers are losing the real skill of property management – relationship building. 

Challenges in property management 

Changing legislation is always an issue, and too many property managers don’t spend the time to educate themselves. This is why Rosa says she dislikes the title ‘property manager’ – to her there is so much more to the job. Property managers must act as trusted advisors to guide investors on how to maximise their asset. 


*Rockend Rockstars is a video series in partnership with Property TV. As part of the series, property commentator Kevin Turner talks to some rockstars of the property management industry about their business, tips, and personal stories.

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