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Property Management | 1 min read

Rest Professional Version 15.5 & File Smart Version 7.6 - Now Available

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Rest Professional Version 15.5 introduces intuitive enhancements to provide you with greater efficiencies for your daily processes. Some of the latest improvements include: 

Automatic User Logout

Allowing users with sufficient permission to set a lock to automatically log all users out of REST Professional after a specified time frame. 

Tenant Payment Summary

Present tribunal with a concise overview report of a tenant's payment history which displays days in arrears for late or overdue payments.

Tenant Invoicing Note

Add an Invoicing Note on the Tenant Details Invoice tab which displays on various screens in REST Professional and File Smart.

Payment Reports

Display Payee details on Payment reports to comply with QLD legislation.

Direct User Access to realbenchmark

Access the realbenchmark login page directly from the REST Professional toolbar.

File Smart Version 7.6

We have listened to your feedback and enhanced key features in File Smart to help improve your business processes.  Some of the latest features in File Smart include:

Tenant Invoicing Note

No more spreadsheets! View notes in the Tenant Water Workflow to assist with accurate and faster processing. 

GST Exempt Flag

Quickly and easily change the GST exempt flag setting on the fly.

Multiple GST Amounts

File Smart can now have the GST amount 1, amount 2 and GST total calculated automatically and displayed on the Tenant Water Workflow. 

PrintMail Collations

Be confident you won’t be duplicating primary documents such as owner statements, with a warning during the PrintMail collation process. 

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