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Rest Professional Version 14.0 & File Smart Version 6.5 are now available!

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The latest versions of Rest Professional and File Smart are now available! These have been designed to increase your productivity, help grow your business and deliver the best service experience to your customers. The enhanced functionality of both products will help to further streamline your business. 

Some of the latest features in Rest Professional include:

  • User Defined Export Data – create and reuse customised spreadsheets to export your data out of Rest Professional.
  • Enhanced RockendSMS Integration– simplify communication with your clients through our new online platform with either single or bulk group SMS messages.
  • Replicate Property Details –duplicate information on the Property Details Screen into a new Property Card, saving you manual data entry!

Some of the latest features in File Smart include:

  • File Smart Workflow Assist – enhance your businesses invoice handling    and approval process, receive an invoice or document via email and            File Smart will automatically send the invoice to the correct person for filing.
  • EFT QR Codes – process creditors invoices in a matter of seconds, with QR Code reading available for EFT processing.
  • Date setting for Worklow – switch on and off the options to default to today's date when in the workflow.

Make the most of these valuable features by participating in our free webinars for both Rest Professional and File Smart!

These improvements continue to make Rest Professional and File Smart the most efficient and innovative real estate software solutions available. Ensure you make the most of your software investment and upgrade today.

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