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Rest Professional v15 & File Smart v7.5 - Now Available

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The Rockend Team

We’ve listened to your feedback and created version 15.0 of Rest Professional and version 7.5 of File Smart to help you save time and deliver the best experience to your customers.

Some of the latest improvements for Rest Professional include:

  • Tenant Invoice– Disburse to Creditors - feature enables you to directly pay    a creditor from tenant funds, making for a quicker and more streamlined process
  • REI Forms Live – now available for the ACT and with significant additional merge fields now available for property management and sales forms across NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS & ACT
  • REST Mobile v8–access your Portfolio Check Diary at anytime from  anywhere, with Rest Mobile
  • Smart Search – quickly and easily find mobile numbers and email address within Rest Professional
  • Direct Access to the Knowledgebase– stuck and need help? Easily access the Knowledgebase directly from Rest Professional
  • Performance Enhancements- Rest Professional v15 delivers improvements for large databases

Some of the latest improvements for File Smart include:

  • Active/Inactive Property Menu Filter– Quickly search for an inactive   property with the Active/Inactive filter search
  • Reports Automation– Additional reports can now be auto archived to  File Smart
  • Barcode Processing -  File Smart can now process barcodes for more New Zealand creditors allowing automatic data entry of invoicing data

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