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Guide to content marketing for your real estate business

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 Social media, display advertising or sending press releases to journalists are just some of the many ways to drive traffic and gain attention for your real estate business. However, did you know that with content marketing, it can be just as cost-effective to curate and distribute your own content?

The benefits of creating and distributing your own content are limitless: drive sales leads, greater website exposure, building a community of followers who will become a great source of referrals.

The tactics I want to share with you today to find success in reaching new audiences are webinars and podcasts.





Webinars are scheduled online meetings that users attend to learn a new skill or discover industry insights. While some people speak directly to a camera, more often than not they take the form of a 30 to 60-minute PowerPoint presentation to which you and your team or guests speak.


The 3 types of webinars

According to's Jill Schiefelbein, there are 3 types of webinars you can use to grow your business:

  1. The one-off for-profit webinars focuses on a single topic with a specific objective or outcome.  Because your customers will pay for this, make sure to offer "so much bang-for-the-buck so customers come to you for more".
  2. The webinar series.  Training programs with multiple modules fall under this type and is considered "the crème de la crème of profit-yielding webinars", provided it is structured well and has well-defined learning objectives.  
  3. The lead generation or sales webinar. “This is where you get someone to register for your webinar in exchange for them providing you with their email address and other relevant information,” Schiefelbein writes. “You get a new contact on your list and a chance to sell a product or service; the prospective consumer gets free content. It’s quid pro quo.”


The webinar audience

Webinars are attractive to those customers or prospects who are time-poor but want to improve their professional development. Instead of driving across town to an on-site training event, they can simply allocate an hour from their working day and learn while sitting at their computer.

Plan your webinar content

Plan out your webinar topics and schedule in timelines – and stick to them. Use your marketing channels (newsletters, social media, advertising etc) to advertise the dates and build an audience.

Master the tech of webinars

Webinars can be easily arranged through a number of different platforms.  Examples are:

All of these webinar platforms will offer email capturing and a chat-style function so that attendees can communicate with each other by typing in a separate box while the webinar is being conducted. Hosts can see these comments too and react to questions. Use PowerPoint to create stylish and relevant presentations.




Podcasts have become incredibly popular, as they offer a convenient way to consume information. Whereas it’s necessary to ‘attend’ a webinar, people can listen to podcasts anywhere, any time – at work, on the train, in their lounge room or while driving.  

5 reasons you should use podcasts

Podcaster Mike Murphy shares why businesses should start a regular podcast:

1.Targeted advertising 

In one of Mike's examples, real estate agents can create a podcast revealing the insights of their industry and attract interested people (and potential customers) more easily than with expensive mailbox flyers.

2. Established authority

A podcast leads to authority and establishes you as the expert in your field. People start to know your reputation and will seek you out.

3. Improve client relations and community building

Podcasting gives you another channel to communicate with your existing customers, ensuring their trust by giving them quality content.  It also creates a community of loyal listeners, helping your brand gain new followers and eventually, new customers.

4. Content marketing

You will start to rank higher in Google searches and you can use your podcasts to create articles, blogs and even ebooks.

5. Increase revenue

“You can make money with sponsors, affiliate partnerships and direct sales from products and services you offer,” Murphy says. “Introducing a podcast to your business strategy has a very real potential to increase sales and revenue across the board.”

Plan your podcast content

Plan to release your podcasts frequently – daily, weekly or fortnightly is the norm – so make sure to lock in early your topics and special guests, and think about creating segments that audiences will return for time and time again. This could be giveaways, an ‘odd spot’ moment where you find some quirky piece of information or an award for a person who has done something amazing (or even quite silly) that week. To give you an idea, try listening to a few real estate podcasts and learn how they offer content to their audience.

Master the tech of podcasts

  1. Invest in a great quality microphone (separate to the one in your computer) and a boom to hold it steady is advisable. 
  2.  Get good quality headphones.
  3.  Editing software is essential.  Adobe Audition and GarageBand (installed on Macs) are great options to start with.
  4. Choose the media host ideal for you.  Media hosts are platforms that host podcasts. You upload your audio to these sites along with your cover art and series information. These hosts will also help you list/upload your podcast on iTunes, so you can attract a wider audience who can also write reviews online.  Some top ones include:

With this brand new world of DIY content available, you can now  ‘cut through’ the deluge of information that your customers receive and get the word out there about your business.

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