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Property Management | 3 min read

Property Tree Tips and Tricks

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Property Tree Tips & Tricks by Helen Rolfe of Complete Real Estate Services QLD.

1.    Communications History is a great function to not only see your communications sent out from Property Tree but filtering to see the 'Not Sent Emails' to ensure you can update with the correct email address.
2.    When reimbursing Letting Fees or any other fee in Property Tree, is very simple. You can either go to the Owner or Property Profile or scroll down to Find Fees. Click on the view button on the right hand side. This will then default to the current month but you can click on All (to display all of the fees). Then click Cancel the Fee. Keep in mind how this may affect the End of Financial Year (EOFY) summary.
3.    On your tenant profiles their Bond information can be entered with the Bond Reference (the lodgment number). This is helpful when exporting the Bond Summary Report to match up the information entered into Property Tree with the Bond Board's information, saving you time searching.
4.    In Configuration when enabling your Inspections, if you do not want the inspections to fall on a weekend or you want your inspections to fall on Tuesdays. Rather than setting your inspections as monthly enter them as 12 weeks. Once the inspection is completed the next inspection will open on the correct day.
5.    Personalising the communication that is sent to your clients through Auto Communication in Property Tree. Read through each template and make them your own through adding email signature banners.
6.    Using the 'Find Fees' function to ensure you check and filter whether or not you have charged specific fees for example Unpaid Letting Fees.
7.    When creating Bank Reconciliation Adjustments, keep in mind that an adjustment is falsely balancing for a point in time. Closely monitoring your adjustments and ideally resolving them before the close of your accounting month. This will keep your auditor happy, by not carrying your adjustments from month-to-month.

New to Property Tree? Watch our video below for a quick introduction.

8.    Confirm the bank balance as per the last balanced bank statement. This will ensure that the figures are continuing on.
9.    Using the Tenancy Leases function and clicking the three dots (...) to view what details are available. You can tick all and export them to view in an easy to read report.
10.    If you have forgotten to create your ABA or BPAY file, don't fret, you can find your payment batch by clicking on Managements then Find Payment Batch and click search. Don Forget you can also filter to the specific type of file you are after.
11.    You can always search your Notes and filter. An alert will remind you to Action this and to set the next Alert date. You can also Save the Creditors Insurance Documents to the Creditor Profile.
12.    In Configuration adding a Note Category for Creditors that is called 'Creditor Insurance Due'. When you go to your Creditor Profile you can add a Note & Reminder with the Creditors Insurance Due date with an alert.
13.    To enter a rent increase or decrease, go to the Tenant Profile, go to Rent Changes, click on the Plus Button (+) in here is where you can add the increase/decrease. Keep in mind in Property Tree the Tenants anniversary date is shown in the Yellow Box, you can also change rent on non-anniversary dates also. 
14.    Having a look at the reports produced in Property Tree can be useful to see what information is produced with each report. Searching through your Trust and Reports you can view or reprint for any given month. 
15.    To check your tenancies status. Click on Find Profile and change the type to Tenancies and click Search. You can now click on Status button twice to sort the Tenancies who are Prospective, Vacating or Vacated. If you are not waiting for a Bond Refund you can archive your vacated tenants as they will still be appearing on your Owner Statements. 


For more information about Property Tree, visit the Property Tree page or follow Rockend Facebook page, or contact a Property Tree specialist.


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