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Property Management | 2 min read

What's new on Property Tree - September updates

Thomas Delafosse

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Thomas Delafosse

What’s new this month?

- Take your contacts on-the-go with the Property Tree mobile contacts app

- Grow your business with Rockend Property Assistant

- Our Trust & Reporting page just got a lot better

- Signature and banners in outgoing emails

The Property Tree Contacts app is now available!

PropertyTree App


Now you can take your Property Tree contacts with you on the go. Exclusively created for your Property Managers, the Property Tree Contacts app provides quick and easy access to all your contacts in or out of the office.

The Contacts app enables Property Managers to deliver personalised service to their customers and partners through its advanced Caller ID. By matching incoming calls to your Property Tree contacts, you’ll always be on the front foot and have meaningful conversations.

Why use the Contacts App?
-The app enables you to search via property and access all their contact information
-Say goodbye to having 2 phones, or having to store business contacts manually. Simply sync and go.
-Access your PT contacts as quickly as possible - choose between facial recognition, touch ID or a personalised pin to login

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Grow your business with Rockend Property Assistant

Rockend Property Assistant

Experience minimal downtime and kick some serious goals this financial year with Rockend Property Assistant powered by Beepo !

Exclusively created for Property Tree users, the Property Tree Contacts app is a service that provides you with well-educated property management assistants located in the Philippines, that are trained and accredited in Property Tree by Rockend experts.

An offer you can’t refuse

We are still offering the one-off setup fee of $3000 and offering you a Rockend trained and accredited property management assistant for just $2700 a month (ex. GST). Offer available until September 30th 2018!

That’s a dedicated team member who works for your business ONLY, who’s up and running within 48 hours of you signing the contract, without any of the headaches, training time or overheads.

Your trust and reporting page just got a lot better

Trust accounting

As we continue to listen to your feedback, we keep improving Property Tree to make your business run more smoothly and more efficiently. This month we have made improvements to our Trust & Reporting page to make it easier to find and access essential reports.

Reporting in Property Tree can be quite a comprehensive task which is why we have added 19 new links and have re-organised the reports making them easier to locate.


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