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Property Management | 1 min read

Property Tree Client Story: Les Hoverd of Harcourts Auckland

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With 18 years in the business, Harcourts Hoverd and Co. in Auckland, NZ has been able to establish their presence in the real estate space in New Zealand. 

The secret, says Managing Director Les Hoverd, is the agency’s core belief of providing their clients with a great experience.  

Providing a great experience not only means having the right team, but also the right technology to support the team’s goals.  “Innovation for our business is critical, and we researched the market heavily and heard so many good things about Property Tree.”

Moving to Property Tree

The cloud-based solution of Property Tree has proven to be the right move for the business, “Property Tree were able to give us the assurance that moving to the cloud was the right step for us and the whole move for me, for the company, for the whole team was virtually seamless.” According to Les, his team enjoys using Property Tree not only because they can work anywhere, but its many features and intuitive interface has made their daily tasks easier. 

Inspection Manager

Routine inspections are now a lot easier for property managers, says Les, “the amount of time that's taken for us now to complete our inspections has dropped by 65 to 70 percent. The information we're providing now is a lot clearer, accurate and easier for the property managers to produce.”

Client Portals

The Owner and Tenant portals improve the communication between property managers, owners and tenants, “It’s reduced the number of emails that our property managers are receiving, and the number of phone calls -- they don't have to come back to them with information that they require.”

Invoice Genius

“That is brilliant!” Les says of the time-saving benefits of Invoice Genius. “When we process invoices now whether their water invoices, council rates, etc. 80 percent of our time has been saved for our team.”

The perfect platform

With aggressive targets and goals that the team wants to achieve for the next financial year, Harcourt’s Hoverd and Co. has found the right solution to help them.  “Property Tree is the perfect platform for us because it is easy to use for our team members… it is going to be able to provide us with the 'wow' factor that we always want to provide for our clients.”

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