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Property Management | 2 min read

PropertyTree April 2018 Release

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

The Rockend team are committed to simplifying the lives of property professionals. We do this by continually updating our software solutions with the innovation and automation you need to free you from your desks, spend more time with your clients, and less time with a mountain of paperwork!

This month, we are excited to present you with a range of new features and enhancements that will improve your day to day operations and give you back hours to spend on what matters most to your agency, owners and tenants.

What’s new for you in this release?

Bulk Approvals in Invoice Genius

You can now process creditor invoices on masse – yay! This will save you even more time when processing invoices. And, if all the fields required for validation have been prefilled by a barcode or QR code, and all mandatory creditor invoice and tenant invoice information is correct, the invoice will be available for bulk approval.

Added bonuses we’ve included for you with Invoice Genius’s Bulk Approval Processing:

  • Upfront and instant status of each invoice will be provided for you
  • You will be informed when there are duplicates processed
  • Creditor invoices that can’t be processed as part of the bulk approvals function will be clearly identified on the screen

If your account admin hasn't activated Invoice Genius yet - a FREE tool that enables you to upload and process 100 creditor invoices in minutes - now is the perfect time!

Activate Invoice Genius Now

New warning with Tenancy Rent Changes

In PropertyTree, the system enables you to add a rent change and/or edit an existing one. As any changes that are made are recorded on the tenancy ledger, a mistake cannot be reversed.

To avoid anything being missed when making changes, PropertyTree will now warn you when the tenancy rent change affects the paid to date. You will also need to confirm that you want to make these changes.

To learn more about these exciting new features we have prepared these Release Notes especially for you.

We hope you enjoy using the exciting new enhancements in our April Release as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!


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Role-based training: range from half a day to one day of training for support staff, property managers, agency leaders and trust accountants.

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