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Property Management | 2 min read

Here's What's New in Property Tree this November

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The Rockend Team

This month, we are happy to bring to you the November Release of Property Tree.  Packed with updates and new features that have come directly from our customers' suggestions through Property Tree User Voice.  

In this month's updates, we introduce new enhancements to the Direct Debit feature as well as others designed to make Property Tree a better experience for you. 

Direct Debit feature

The enhancements to the Direct Debit feature (132 votes in User Voice) enables your tenants to automatically transfer rent and invoice payments to your trust account, reducing your arrears and simplifying your tenants experience. 

New Reporting features

Our new reporting features figured in 459 votes in User Voice.  Tenancy arrears and Lease reporting now include more information and the ability to sort and search by various fields. A new Rent Review report is also now available. 

Arrears Notifications

The number of automated communication options relating to the sending of arrears notices has increased from four to 30!

Mobile Contacts App available in New Zealand

Property Tree users in New Zealand can now enjoy the convenience of Property Tree Mobile Contacts App.  Download it from the Apple app store or Google Play and access all your contacts when out of the office. Featuring advanced caller ID, it matches incoming calls from your phone to your Property Tree contacts.

Other improvements

  • Movinghub

  • Exporting data

  • Tribunal reports

  • Global search

As you can see your feedback is very much valued and important to us so please continue sending it via Rockend User Voice.  To view the November 2018 release notes, click here. You can also watch our on-demand webinar to see these features in action.

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