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Property Management | 5 min read

Property Tree Client Story: Tamara Dalziel of Investment Property Hotline

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Property management is a daily exercise of juggling tasks and shuffling between roles. It can get pretty exhausting for many. For Tamara Dalziel, Principal Licensee at Investment Property Hotline, it's all about having the right mindset and the right property management software to make things just that much easier.

She shares with us her experience using Property Tree and how it made her and her team more productive and efficient. 

Easy access whenever, wherever


Property Tree’s cloud-based platform together with its mobile contacts app has made property management transactions easier for Tamara and her team. “Being able to access it wherever you are was one of the main things that sold me,” says Tamara “it's always been a pain having to drive to the office or hopefully you’ve got an owners contact details on your phone to be able to call them if an emergency happens.”  

Automation that works


Managing arrears is just one of the many responsibilities of a property manager and for Tamara, Property Tree’s automation has made arrears management a whole lot easier. “The way that it’s automated – doing the downloads every morning whether you do it manually or whether you get the automatic, it’s so much quicker. Every time I have to look up any arrears now and rent is the same way – it has really reduced that down now because it pretty much does that job for me, so that’s really good.”

Tamara added that Property Tree’s automated features also allowed her to save on expenses that comes with end-of-month processes.  “End-of-month and mid-month is so much quicker now – I don’t have to print everything out, now I just email it all through to my auditor and that has saved a lot on printing costs and time.” 


Help within reach


Property Tree is backed by an award-winning support team so customers can get professional help and advice when they need it. But it also provides accessible solutions to common user related problems through its Knowledgebase. According to Tamara, “I type in what I need and I’ll be able to find it in there, and making the staff do that as well rather than ask me has been really good. I just always say have you looked at the help tab, and if they haven’t I just say I’ll wait until you do and normally that solves the problem, so that’s really good.” 

Work smart with Invoice Genius


Invoice Genius is a Property Tree feature that always get the best of praises from customers because of how it just saves a significant amount of time in processing invoices. Tamara is no exception. “Entering things through Invoice Genius was really great, it saves a heap of time – you can just scan it all through in bulk and get it out so quickly because we pay a lot of our owners rates and we have all different councils...and they all just go through in one hit - it's so good.” says Tamara.  

She also added that because of Invoice Genius she’s also able to maximise her team’s productivity when it comes to invoicing, “I’ve taken on that role that someone else (was doing), so I’ve been able to put her onto something else and I’m able to do that now because most of the work is done for me.” 

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