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Property Management | 2 min read

Property maintenance just got easier with Maintenance Plus

Paul Wahltuch

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Paul Wahltuch

Property maintenance can be a time-consuming task. From facilitating maintenance requests to coordinating between owners, tenants and service providers, and all transactions in between - it can seem like an endless to-do list happening all at once.

To help streamline all your property maintenance tasks, Property Tree now comes with Maintenance Plus – the property maintenance platform designed to meet the needs of property managers, service providers, owners and tenants. Let’s take a look at how it can benefit you and your team in resolving maintenance issues more efficiently while providing transparency to all parties involved.

Why use Maintenance Plus?

1. Work on all property maintenance tasks  using just one platform

No need to switch apps or software to complete maintenance transactions. Maintenance Plus is deeply integrated with Property Tree which means you just need to sign in your Property Tree account and Maintenance Plus is right there with you. Full integration gives you real-time data sync of properties, owners, tenants, property managers, service providers, etc. Everything maintenance in just one place.

2. Get the job done with automation

Property managers are busy people – such is a fact of life. Which is why Maintenance Plus is made with automated features to make the job easier for you. Save time doing manual entries with auto invoicing. Ensure you don’t miss a single thing with automation and reminder rules for tasks, statuses and overdue jobs. The level of automation in Maintenance Plus works to make property maintenance a breeze.

3. Manage maintenance transactions with workflows

With simple and complex workflows, Maintenance Plus helps you manage maintenance requests, tasks and schedules from start to finish.

4. Communicate with all parties using chat and video

Maintenance jobs and requests require constant communication to ensure everything is on track. With Maintenance Plus, you can solve maintenance requests and other issues via instant messages or video calls with anyone you need to contact. Eliminate the need for multiple phone calls and emails – all the communications related to the maintenance request can be completed in a single platform.

5. Search for service providers easily or BYO!

Different maintenance jobs call for different kinds of service contractors. Maintenance Plus is designed to accommodate your search for the perfect match. Upload your trusted list of maintenance contractors so they’re right there when you need them. Looking for other contractors to hire? You can choose from the marketplace of registered and verified service providers or search for service providers near your area and engage them on the map.

6. Mobile application helps you stay on top of maintenance job and requests

In addition to the desktop application, Maintenance Plus also has a mobile app so you’re always updated of your tasks and solve issues on the go. There’s also a mobile app made for tenants, owners and service providers – everyone is connected anytime, anywhere


More benefits for owners and tenants

 Maintenance Plus doesn’t just work with property managers – it works with owners and tenants too! With a mobile app and desktop portal, owners and tenants can keep track of all maintenance requests and even post their own jobs for the property. Specialised features cater to the distinct needs of landlords and tenants – learn more about them here.

More about MRI Maintenance Plus

Click here for more information on Maintenance Plus. You can also watch our webinar to walk you through the MRI Maintenance Plus app.

Are you ready to get started with Maintenance Plus?

Make property maintenance a breeze, for you and your whole team. Find out how you can activate Maintenance Plus on your Property Tree account.

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