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All about Property Tree's Integrations

Alex Cohen

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Alex Cohen

Property Tree Inspection API opens a world of possibilities

The product development team at Rockend have been working on new and exciting features for Property Tree that is guaranteed to simplify the lives of property managers. In particular, the availability of Property Tree's Inspection API is making it easier for agencies to get the most of their software solutions by connecting their Property Tree account to one of four leading inspections applications: HappyCo, Inspection Manager, Property Inspections Manager and Rentfind Inspector.

The Rockend Inspection API means that all Property Tree users are now able to connect with the above-mentioned inspection providers and pass information securely between Property Tree and the third party application of their choice, making the end-to-end process of scheduling, completing, reporting and communicating inspections as efficient and seamless as possible.

We caught up with Rockend product owner, Michael Momdjian, to find out what you can expect from these new integrations.

Question 1: First of all, what is an API, and how does it work?

Answer: An API (Application Programming Interface) is used so that individual programs can communicate with one another directly and use each other's functions.

At Rockend we use APIs to connect world-class products or services to Property Tree - providing our customers with a more flexible solution as a result. Our customers regularly use multiple systems to complete tasks. Through the use of APIs we can help them work more efficiently, saving them time and money as a result.

Question 2. Why did Rockend decide against building its own inspections feature in Property Tree?

Answer: We have taken the time to understand the needs of our customers – and this can vary on the size of their business, teams and processes. Partnering with multiple inspection app providers gives our customers the choice and freedom to run their business the way they want to.

Question 3. How did Rockend select the Inspection Providers to partner with?

Answer: Rockend chose to partner with established experts that have a proven track record in providing real estate agencies with feature-rich inspection products. Our partners also share our commitment in producing comprehensive, quality products that make property managers' lives easier.

Question 4. What was the process for getting this Inspection API to the market?

Answer: To create the Rockend Inspections API, we worked closely with a selection of Inspections providers and hundreds of mutual customers for the better part of this year.

We believe that it is our responsibility to build a quality and robust API and take data security and integrity very seriously. As a result, we ensured that each of our partners completed the same rigorous end-to-end testing that we complete routinely in-house, providing assistance as required so they can finalise the integration from their end.

From there, the integration was opened up to a set of beta clients, all different in size and business needs, to make sure everything was working well prior to it becoming available to all users.

Question 5. Now that you have a selection of integrations that Property Tree customers can connect, what can they expect to see next?

Answer: The Inspections API is the first of many exciting and innovative integrations we are exploring as we look to extend the capabilities of our current software platform. Our goal is to continue to look for opportunities to make our customers lives easier by delivering outstanding product and integrations with leading service providers. We look forward to working with our customers to understand who these should be.

We will be unveiling some more partnerships from different areas of the industry in the near future, so stay tuned!

Question 6. When can Property Tree users get in sync with their favourite inspections app?

Answer: Property Tree’s Inspection API is live and is now in sync with HappyCo, Inspection Manager, Property Inspections Manager and Rentfind Inspector. This means that as mutual customers conduct their inspections, they can now have all the inspection details from their Inspection App be sent directly to Property Tree,  and then have reports automatically returned and stored in Property Tree.

To activate, simply have someone in your office with Administrator access login to Property Tree, go to the configuration page and activate the integration. for more information, follow the steps outline in the Property Tree knowledge base. Connecting the app only takes a few minutes and, best of all, there will be no change to Property Tree subscriptions for this service.

For a more up to date list of all Property Tree integration partners, visit the Rockend Marketplace

If you want to launch your future today with Property Tree, the next generation of property management software, contact us.

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