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Property Management | 1 min read

How mobility improves service to owners and tenants

Kristina Estoesta

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Kristina Estoesta

 Nowadays, it will be hard to find someone who doesn't own a smartphone.  In fact, 88 percent of Australians own a smartphone -- using it not only to make calls or send messages but more and more on making business transactions with the help of powerful tools and applications.

The real estate industry is not immune when it comes to the effects of mobile technology, and property managers could benefit well in using it to provide excellent customer service to both owners and tenants.

Here's how automation and mobility is a game-changer in Property Management today:

1. Scheduling of inspections

Take the pain out of planning and coordinating inspections with owners and tenants. A smart tool can auto-schedule inspections based on your configured frequencies and allow customers to request alternative times and confirm inspections all from their smartphone.

2. Maintenance requests

Using their mobile device, tenants can log their requests while on the go, at any time of the day without adhering to office schedules. This means that you can also view their requests as soon as they are made so you can prioritise work orders accordingly.  It also allows you to manage an efficient maintenance workflow anytime, anywhere so you can be on top of any concern and address them in a timely manner.

3. Client portals

A cloud-based platform that your owners and tenants can access through a dedicated portal ensures that they can see relevant information, access their statements and ledgers, and directly communicate with you anytime and anywhere from their own mobile device.

4. Automated messaging

SMS is an effective communication method for sending out timely messages to your clients. Your customers will appreciate that you are always sending them up to date reminders and friendly notices that help them remember their obligations and keeps them informed amidst their busy schedules.

5. Sending out Emails

Email is still one of the most widely-used communication platforms to this day, especially in sending out business-related messages. Automate sending out emails to save time and money in communicating important information to your customers. You can even customise your emails for a more personalised experience.

Adapting to mobile technology is a smart move for property managers like you to deliver great customer service. By using a solution that not only allows you to do transactions on-the-go but also automate time-consuming tasks, you are able to respond to your customers' needs efficiently and provide them with world-class service.

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